Theresa May doubles down on the Chequers Brexit Plan

Posted by: Toasted Buns on July 15th 2018

Theresa May issued a warning to all MPs who are opposing the Chequers plan saying that “We risk ending up with no Brexit at all”. A year and a half of planning, discussing and negotiating let us to a point where we have two options, according to the Prime Minister, soft Brexit (Brexit in name only) or No Brexit. It really starts to feel like this government is not doing their best to get the Brexit people Voted in 2016.

Theresa May warned that there is no alternative to the Chequers plan. No alternative at all. Not even, for example, leaving the EU without any deal? No, that is not an option because she said it is off the table before the negotiations with the EU even started. However, former Brexit secretary David Davis, who quit in protest at the prime minister's proposals, blasted an "astonishingly dishonest" claim there is no substitute plan for leaving the EU. Mr Davis is 100% right! There are always alternatives to a bad deal if you are willing to negotiate and have the ability to do so.

Unfortunately, Theresa May is not going to do that. She is going to fight for the plan she proposed at Chequers. She never wanted a Brexit and after losing the referendum she decided to have a soft Brexit. PM and her government do not care about the people who voted for Brexit and the Conservative party. She has betrayed us all time and time again. It’s like that famous quote about insanity “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. In the end, is it really a surprise that the current government is ignoring the democratic vote of the majority of the country? Not really, especially when you take the fact that this government never wanted the Brexit in the first place in consideration. The ratings of the Conservative party is going down and UKIP is getting traction again. Maybe something will change after the next General Election, which is in 4 years, unfortunately. We just have to wait and see.