The thing people do on Instagram that I couldn’t stand

Posted by: Toasted Buns on July 3rd 2018

Ah, Instagram! I know I have a problem with Instagram. It’s toxic and ingenuine and it ruins my attention span. But it’s my guilty pleasure. I just like to watch stories posted by my friends and some influencers I don’t even like, then scroll through the feed until reality hits and I’d realized 3 hours is gone.

But there is one thing that absolutely annoys me up to the roof - #tbt, or just #tb when people feel “nostalgic” on a non-Thursday. I’m not talking about a photo of you and your sister when you were 5 years old playing in an inflatable pool in the backyard because those are cute and (marginally) acceptable. I’m talking about constantly posting photos from a vacation you took 3 years ago with friends you haven’t even seen since that trip. Or photos from a work experience that happened 2 years ago that you didn’t even enjoy or engage that much.

And people usually get defensive about their decisions of doing such moronic thing: “Everyone does that.” “It was fun, I missed that time.” “I’m not happy about my current situation and wanted to post something on my profile that could remind me of some good old days when I didn’t have to worry about stuff”


Explanations like these are as hollow and pointless as the posts themselves. Rather than living your life by improving or fixing the situation, you go on Instagram to moan about how life was easier when you’re on a beach in a week-long trip to Malta and begs god to “bring you back there”. It wasn't really “life” when you were on vacation, though, was it? And we all know these kinds of posts with a lame ass caption is only to make sure your 200 followers know that you’ve been to the Grand Canyon sooo long ago that they could hardly recognise you from the photos. People with this habit does not live in the present, they live in bubbles of memories and it is not healthy.

Rant over.

With love, Toasted Buns