The left show the real face... Again.

Posted by: Toasted Buns on June 28th 2018

Remember the children being separated from the parents at the border? Well, the left does not!

As you may know, one of the Supreme Court judges is retiring and that made the left go crazy once again. Anthony Kennedy is retiring and Trump will have an opportunity to put another Conservative Judge into Supreme Court.

This will give Conservatives 5-4 majority and this is huge. Mr Kennedy has been overturning a lot of cases in favour of the left. One of the cases was Roe vs Wade in 1973 regarding abortion. With Mr Kennedy leaving, this decision will probably be overturned and the issue of abortion will be reconsidered again. I highly doubt abortion will be banned (Which a lot of conservatives would like).

Personally, I think abortion must be allowed if the mother is in danger for her life and maybe at the very early stages of pregnancy. I have not made up my mind completely at this point, because I have seen good arguments from both sides.

What I find really funny about this story, is that the Democrats and mains stream media in America has completely forgotten about the children they were crying every day on live television and is only talking about the end of democracy at the US because this judge has retired.

Feels like the left never really cared about those kids anyway and just used them for power like they always do. Remember the cries, the outrage, the rage about those poor kids (Who are illegally brought into the country by their irresponsible parents, but I digress). What happened to that? No one has mentioned the kids ever since the announcement of Mr Kennedy's retirement. The left once again showed everyone that the children were just a tool to get more power and we should stop paying any attention to them.

Make America Great Again!