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Being A WOMAN is OFFENSIVE in the United Kingdom

January 9th 2019

Women was kicked out from her local pub for wearing a T-shirt saying: Woman: Adult female. Being a women is not offensive in the United Kingdom. Political Correctness has gone too far and we need to do something about it! Should Transgender people…

BBC Thinks You Are A Terrible Parent

August 1st 2018

BBC continues it's left wing propaganda with it's latest video about gender stereotypes. This is my first Youtube video, therefore your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you enjoyed it, give it a like and subscribe for more! Let me know how you…

Podcast #1 Brexit, Transgender and Mass Immigration

June 19th 2018

My first podcast recorded with Ahmed. Talking about Transgender movement and it's implications for our society. Mass immigration into Europe from 3rd world countries, why it happened and what effect it will have. Lastly, we discussed Brexit. The…