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Podcast #31 The Great Purge Of Conservatives

May 5th 2019

Episode 31 of Toasted Buns Podcast. This time we are discussing the censorship of conservative voices on the internet. Facebook just banned Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and everything Info Wars. Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Alex Jones was unpersoned

August 8th 2018

Alex Jones is an internet legend. His conspiracy theories have entertained and continue to entertain millions of people. However, not everybody finds his content entertaining. And fair enough, people have different interest. I don’t find the majority…

The thing people do on Instagram that I couldn’t stand

July 3rd 2018

Ah, Instagram! I know I have a problem with Instagram. It’s toxic and ingenuine and it ruins my attention span. But it’s my guilty pleasure. I just like to watch stories posted by my friends and some influencers I don’t even like, then scroll through…