Review: 12 Rules for Life

Posted by: Toasted Buns on July 31st 2018

Recently I’ve started reading more books and really wanted to check out Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for life book. I have been following Dr Peterson since the infamous Cathy Newman interview and really resonated with his ideas. He helped me understand my own thoughts on a much deeper level. Therefore I had really high expectations for the book. Did it live up to my expectations?

Jordan Peterson uses his own experience as a clinical psychologist and the mythos from the ancient scrolls, especially the Bible, to help people become the best form of themselves. Even though I am not very religious, I still understood every story from the Bible he used to make a point.

The rules are actually not that strict and most of them fall under “you really need him to tell you this?” category. However, it is important that someone is telling this to people. With today’s political situation, these ancient ideas and ways of living have been forgotten by many and had to be shared. Even though this book feels like it is written for a male audience, the rules are universal and will greatly resonate with both male and female readers.

The book is not difficult to read and is actually full of very emotional stories that come from Dr Peterson’s own experience. He talks about his family, his friends, his patients and himself. This keeps the reader interested and makes the book feel less like a lecture and more like an experience. He uses his own stories to show how bad things can get and how to cope with life when you are feeling that the whole world is against you, including God himself.

My favourite rule is always tell the truth or at least don’t lie! Even little lies corrupt you as a person and makes you feel disingenuous. The truth might get you in some uncomfortable situations from time to time, but trust me, you will feel much better in the long run. To be honest, I found all 12 Rules really useful and will try to implement some of them into my daily life. Moreover, Dr Peterson provides great advice on how to be a better parent, friend, husband and individual.

Unfortunately, the book is not perfect. As you all know, Jordan Peterson is very outspoken about the left becoming more and more authoritarian and the takeover of the universities by the cultural marxists aka the post-modernists. In some chapters, he talks extensively about this topic and if you are a sympathiser of these ideas or not interested in politics, it might feel a bit out of place. Personally, I was fascinated by his explanation of why these ideas exists and how dangerous they could be, but you might feel different.

Overall, I would highly recommend the book to everyone! It will help you become a better person if you are willing to follow his recommendations described in the book. If you are a man who is feeling unfulfilled, confused, lost even thinking about joining some kind of extreme group, please read this book. Hopefully, you will be able to take something good out of it and start making your life better. Same applies to women, but this book feel like it was targeted for male demographic.

Don’t forget to check out his Youtube channel for more greatness from Jordan Peterson if you enjoy the book. And make sure your room is in perfect order, kiddo!