Mexican border hysteria

Posted by: Toasted Buns on April 20th 2018

Here we go again, calling Trump a Nazi. I am so sick of hearing this Mexican border hysteria from the left. “Trump is ripping families apart!”, “Trump is a Nazi!”, “We care about children!”.

First of all, the laws have been introduced by the democrats way before Trump came into power. Trump is only enforcing these laws because the immigration rate from Mexico has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Mostly, because migrants coming into the US with children were let into the US without any trouble. Incentifying bad behaviour creates more bad behaviour! Human traffickers started using kids to get people across the border even easier… Even funnier is hearing Obama, Clinton, Bush and another leftist crying about this issue like they care about those kids at all. “America is Nazi Germany!” “How can you listen to the crying kids and do nothing!”. These kinds of things are coming out from constantly. However, they are the ones who created these laws! In 2014, Hillary said, “Just because your kids crossed the border it does not mean they will stay here”. Well, isn’t that hypocritical of you?

The left keeps using the kids to gain even more power. Using our emotions to push their ideology and if we question it, we are called Nazis, bigots, white supremacists etc. Is it just me, or these words mean nothing now? Nevertheless, it’s so annoying seeing them cry about these kids when they push the idea of having no children, funding abortions for women and incentifying single motherhood. Childless women like Hillary or Rachel Maddow cry on TV about these children, but they encourage women not to have them. YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH!

These people are illegal immigrants. They deserve nothing. These children are used as objects to push for open borders. Stop complaining and build the damn wall. If America is so racist and bad, why do these people come here by thousands every day? There are official, legal ways to come into the USA and get asylum if needed. Mexico has borders, quite strict actually. Why are you not complaining about that? Please, just stop this nonsense and come back to reality. Trump is right when Mexico sends these people into the USA, they are not sending their best. Majority of these people will stay on welfare and will do nothing to help the native people. In conclusion, can we just stop this bullcrap? Enough of these people crying on TV about how bad USA is. The United States of America is the greatest country on earth. And the only way to keep it this way is to make the borders even more difficult to cross. If you want to come and enjoy the freedoms of the USA - come here legally.