Is James Gunn a paedophile?

Posted by: Toasted Buns on July 21st 2018

James Gunn, best known for writing and directing Guardians Of The Galaxy, was fired from Disney after a series of horrifying tweets from him came to light. James wrote many tweets depicting children in a sexual manner. However, these tweets are 8 years old and he released a statement saying that he was only joking. Is James really a paedophile or was this just a series of terrible jokes? And should he have been fired from directing the next instalment of the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Hollywood is known for its tendencies to behave inappropriately. Everyone is still trying to recover from the hurricane that was Harry Weinstein, but the troubles do not start there. Bill Cosby assaulting and abusing women, Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter, Roman Polanski sexually abusing a minor and many, many more. James Gunn and his controversy is just another day in the office in Holywood. This is what happens when people have way too much money and have no moral ground.

Moreover, these people have the balls to virtue signal how tolerant and good they are. Despicable! James Gunn and many other Hollywood stars were speaking against Donald Trump during the campaign and even more after he won. In addition to this, he was also attacking everyone who voted for Trump and supported him.

Let’s focus on James tweets for a minute, which is horrible, to say the least. These tweets are really old and I am sure he is a different person now. However, he was talking about little children in a sexual manner and that is just not acceptable. He says that it’s just edgy jokes from the past and it’s not a big deal. Sure, it could be jokes, but you should know the consequences of making these kinds of jokes on a public forum. Moreover, it’s not just a single instance of this. There are more than a dozen tweets like that. He was really into this kind of humour at that time, and who knows how far his fantasies went. One of the worst tweets, in my opinion, is this one: “I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place. Shh!!”. Holy smokes, I do not know what kind of person makes jokes like this. Absolutely disgusting! Even if that’s the worst of what he has done, it’s still terrible.

After the revelation of these tweets, Disney decided to cut ties with James Gunn. I don’t think he should be fired for something he said 10 years ago, no matter how terrible it is. He did not commit a crime and it was only some tweets. We all remember how Roseanne was fired from ABC after making a joke and we should not advocate for this kind of behaviour. Every person has made some joke in their life that could be used against them. However, James Gunn was advocating for Roseanne to be fired and he is getting a taste of his own medicine. I would like to know how the people on the left are feeling after realising that the people defending Roseanne were right all along.

I do not like the idea that people on Twitter can decide the career of an individual. This should not be the case in a modern society. The fact, that people on twitter can attack an individual for something he said 10 years ago and get his life destroyed is frightening. That is why we should stop listening to the twitter mob! Yes, what James Gunn did was terrible but should he get fired over this? I really do not think so. Just how Roseanne shouldn’t have been fired either. Or anyone else who was attacked on Twitter and got his or her life destroyed for expressing what they believe. You might not agree with it, you might think it is despicable and should be censored but remember, one day it is James Gunn, the next day it could be you. Free speech is the most important thing we have and it should be preserved. Either all of it is okay or none of it is okay. And we all know what happens when the latter is used (Check out North Korea, Soviet Union, China and other dictatorships).