Chequers Brexit plan is the final nail in the coffin for Theresa May

Posted by: Toasted Buns on July 14th 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May celebrated the Brexit drawing hammered at Chequers as a step towards achieving the best result for Britain's future security and prosperity. Unfortunately, in reality, this is a betrayal of all Brexit voters and will bring an end to Theresa May and Conservative party.

First of all, throwing away the option of no deal was a huge mistake by Theresa May and her team. They lost all bargaining power at the very start and it made the negotiations even more difficult for the UK. Brussel’s have no fear of having no deal and will use this to make a terrible deal for the UK. Remember, the EU wants to make an example for other EU nations thinking about leaving the EU because if UK ends up being even better after leaving the EU, many countries will recess the idea of staying in the EU. Especially Poland, Hungary, Austria and Italy. The relationship between these countries and the EU have been a tough one, to say the least in the recent years and EU’s policy for massive immigration only increased the resentment of these countries against the EU.

Secondly, this deal struck at Chequers is a complete betrayal of the voters who voted in the referendum. Th. May have been saying “Brexit means Brexit” for almost two years now and she comes up with this? If you are not familiar with the proposal, I will go over the most important points in this blog. Many Brexit supporters in the Conservative party have been very vocal about this deal, especially Jacob Rees-Mogg who, in my opinion, should be leading the conservative party after Th. May is gone. Moreover, chief Brexit negotiator David Davis has resigned because of this agreement saying “we are giving away too much, too easily”. Right after him Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary resigned as well, saying that "Brexit should be about opportunity and hope” and. "That dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt." Could not agree more!

Now let’s look into the actual deal that Th. May agreed with her cabinet. Starting with free movement. The government will try to end the free movement, however, the paper says that “include a mobility framework so that UK and EU citizens can continue to travel to each other’s territories, and apply for study and work”. In reality, it is just the same free movement in the EU, just named differently. All those people who voted for retaking the control of our borders must be really excited!

Next point is Remaining in the EU customs union. This means that the UK will continue to follow EU rules on trading goods to remove the need for customs checks and controls between the UK and the EU. The United Kingdom will not be able to impose its own tariffs and will have to stay in check with the EU. This will definitely not going to help in negotiating trading deals with the United States and Donald Trump already reflected on this, saying that, “Theresa May's Brexit plan will 'kill' US trade deal”. Absolute disaster for the UK, which will need good trading deals with countries outside the EU and the US was willing to do trade until this plan was introduced.

Moreover, the UK agrees to follow EU law if parliament agrees. But let’s be honest, the parliament will approve every law from the EU to make sure that the EU is happy. This is the main reason why David Davis resigned, saying “That means the European Union writes the rule for us in effect and we have to harmonise, we have the same rules for intents and purposes”. Moreover, the European Court will still be above UK courts, therefore any disputes will be decided by the European Court of Justice! If this deal goes through, the United Kingdom will become a vessel state in the European Union. It will have to follow all the rules and regulations the European Union creates but will have no say in creating them. It’s ironic to hear EU leaders calling Hungary authoritarian when they act in this way. The EU is purposely punishing the United Kingdom for leaving the EU and that is absolutely disgusting. EU was supposed to be a free union, but it is turning into EUSSR by centralising more and more power into its hands and ignoring the democratic vote of the people in the United Kingdom.

In conclusion, Theresa May should not have been appointed as a PM after the Brexit referendum because she was a Remainer. She never wanted to leave and has been delaying the Brexit since the beginning. It is time for a change in the leadership of the Conservative party before it is too late. I am hoping that Jacob Reeg-Moss will become the new Prime Minister of the UK, but it is unlikely. Currently, the media is saying that Boris Johnson has the highest chance of replacing Theresa May. I am still sceptical of Boris Johnson because of his terrible time as the mayor of London, but it’s time for a change!