Alex Jones was unpersoned

Posted by: Toasted Buns on August 8th 2018

Alex Jones is an internet legend. His conspiracy theories have entertained and continue to entertain millions of people. However, not everybody finds his content entertaining. And fair enough, people have different interest. I don’t find the majority of his content that interesting either even though I love the memes created using his content. Unfortunately, people who find do not like his content decided to start an attack on him and Infowars using online censorship. This is scary and you should be worried about this because it sets a very dangerous precedent.

Free speech is the cornerstone of Western civilization. As soon as we lose the right to express ourselves, the freedoms and rights we enjoy today will be removed. There is no spectrum on the freedom of speech, no grey areas. You either support free speech or you do not. Either everything is okay or nothing is okay. You can tell the most disgusting, racist, sexist things in the world, but I will defend your right to say those things to the death. The market will judge your ideas and the best ideas will always win, making sure the worst ideas are put aside and pretty much forgotten. Unfortunately, not everybody believes in this. Some individuals believe that there are some things that should never be said, that some ideas are too dangerous and should be suppressed before reaching anyone. And those people are technically right because any speech that involves calling for physical violence, for example asking everyone to attack Trump supporters (I am talking about you sen. Maxine Waters) does not fall under free speech protection. Anything else should be allowed!

Sadly, hate speech laws and outright censorship is getting traction. Especially in extreme left/right groups. People who believe that hate speech should be repressed argue, that it protects individuals from emotional pain and ensures bad ideas do not spread like wildfire. My question is who defines what speech is hate? Today, it seems like big corporations, like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, are the ones defining it. In addition to this, far-left groups like Hope, not Hate also have the ability to do this by working with the big tech companies. And this is where Alex Jones and his news organisation, InfoWars, comes into play. Recently, his account has been deleted from Facebook, Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, LinkedIn and even his email supplier MailChimp! None of these companies provided specific evidence or reasons why this happened. They just claimed that he did not follow their T&C about Hate Speech and some vague incidents that were deemed insensitive. First of all, why did these companies decided to delete him, basically, at the same time (Facebook, Apple, Google and Spotify deleted his accounts in the span of 12 hours)? Secondly, who decided that his content was so undefendable? There was no public discourse about it, the companies just deleted everything related to him!

I believe that hate speech laws are a slippery slope into outright censorship. Usually, they are vague and hard to understand. This is intentional! That way, companies can interpret it however they like and not be liable for any lawsuit or punishment. In my opinion, this is a gateway to online censorship. If you believe in anything, that is not in line with far-left extremism, you can be unpersoned on the internet. Without any trial, just like that - you're gone. Usually, publicly shamed before that too!

Now you might be saying, these companies are private businesses and they can do whatever they like! And you are right, but how far does this go? Infowars email provided terminated his contract and deleted his assets too. What is next, Microsoft and Apple bricking his laptop? Internet service providers denying his internet? Electricity providers terminating his electricity? Do you see where I am going with this? We should not live in a society where your life can be destroyed because you committed a thought crime online.

Worst of all, you could be next! You might think, all I have to do is not say hateful or mean things and I will be fine! But who decides what is hateful or mean? Government change, agendas change. Your biggest enemy could be the next CEO of Google and make you the enemy who needs to be suppressed. Look at what happened with James Gunn. Everyone was happy destroying Roseanne and seeing her getting fired by Disney because she said a bad joke on Twitter, but as soon as James Gunn got the same treatment everyone went insane! You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time. Either all of it is okay or none of it is okay!

The only good thing about this is that this tactic is not working out. People are rejecting the censorship from the Silicon Valley companies. Alex Jones popularity has risen through the roof after the news of him being deplatformed broke. Infowars official App is rising to the top of the News category on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. His email subscribers number has increased by millions too! And it's not just Alex Jones that has lived through this. Jordan Peterson has said that every time someone writes or produces a hit piece on him, the number of his supporters increase dramatically. The same thing happened to Sargon of Akkad, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson and many other public figures who have been attacked by the left.

It is time to stop censorship online! It is time to stop Hate speech laws and it's time to hold these big corporations accountable. Let ideas battle each other out. Do not think that people are too weak to choose what they want to believe and see the difference between bad, violent ideas and genuinely good ideas. If you do not allow terrible ideas to be expressed, they will not simply go away, they will just go to the darkest parts of the internet and flourish. The best way to battle bad ideas is to let crazy people express them and challenge them with better ideas. MAKE GEORGE ORWELL FICTION AGAIN!